Feature Friday: Nintendo and its relationship with third parties

Nintendo doesn’t need to compromise any more than they already have for third parties. They should continue to do what is best for themselves, while still working with them.
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Feature Friday: When video game heroes are zeros

We all have our favorite heroes and protagonists in the games we play, but sometimes those well thought-out and ‘perfectly’ crafted leading men and women are just, well, aggravating.
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Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 7/7/14

It might be a dead season for game releases (hi Summer!), but there was still plenty to talk about this past week including plenty of SDCC chatter, our preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a special feature where our own Troy took a look at EA and the mobile gaming…

Feature Friday: In Defense of EA (and Dungeon Keeper)

There seems to be this belief that when companies become so large and powerful, they forget the little people. To the customer — especially the one with a bad experience — it’s very easy for them to become faceless evil empires that care nothing about you as the consumer or…
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X-Men Legends, one of the best X-Men games of all time

Feature Friday: Five horrible X-Men games, and a plea for one that delivers

This past week we’ve been posting a bunch of X-Men related stuff, most of it having to do with the Death of Wolverine storyline in the comics. It got us to thinking though; where are all the good X-Men games?
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Tex Murphy

Feature Friday: Summer Games; what’s keeping you cooped up indoors this Summer?

Summer is traditionally a slower time for new game releases, but there are plenty of titles out there (both new and old) that are keeping the BG staff locked away in their air-conditioned lairs during the hottest months of the year.
Posted 20 Jun 2014 | Editorials, Featured Articles, News, PC, PS3, PS4, Retro Gaming, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 9 Comments

Feature Friday: Our E3 picks of the show

With E3 having just wrapped, we’ve got a massive pile of new games to talk and write about. Of course, some made a greater impression than others and that’s what this week’s Friday spotlighted feature is all about.
Posted 13 Jun 2014 | 3DS, E3, Editorials, Featured Articles, News, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 2 Comments

Feature Friday: The Horror Month Wrap-Up

Last month was Horror Month here at BG, and we had a plethora of horror game-related news, reviews, and features posted. If you missed any of the aforementioned, here’s your chance to catch up on the coverage that was.
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silicon knights eternal darkness

Feature Friday: BG’s favorite Horror games and moments

Last week, we took a look at some of the best of all time, but we’re ending Horror Month on a high note and getting the whole team involved in a horror game roundup that you can really sink your teeth into.
Posted 30 May 2014 | Editorials, Featured Articles, News, past | 2 Comments

Sunday Review: The Big Dog archive for the week of 5/19/14

This past week featured quite a bit of pre-E3 show news, including the rumor of a ‘Master Chief’ Halo collection for Xbox One, a closer look at Batman: Arkham Knight and Space Hulk: Deathwing, and the reveal of some screenshots for Hyrule Warriors. Also on tap this week was our…

Feature Friday: The 5 best Horror Games of all time

Naming the greatest games in gaming’s horror catalog is a tall order, but one that feels right at home here in Horror Month.
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Sunday Review: The Big Dog archive for the week of 5/12/14

This past 7 was a huge week for news in the gaming industry as massive releases were unveiled in both Far Cry 4 and Halo 5 along with plenty of news about some big changes coming to the Xbox One.
Some parts of Resident Evil 6 harkened back to the original games

Feature Friday: Can the survival horror genre be saved?

Spiraling down for quite sometime now into relative obscurity, can the once mighty survival horror genre live again?
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Digital Cards for a Digital Age – 9 can’t miss card games on the App Store

Digital card games are nothing new. We all remember opening up Solitaire or Hearts on our old Windows 95 computers (Spider Solitaire was my favorite). As gaming and technology advanced and with the advent of the ‘mobile’ era, the non-traditional card games like Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh, and others have…
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Friday the 13th fighting Jason

Feature Friday: Do horror movies have to make for horrible games?

Though horror-themed games are making a big time comeback in 2014, the horror movie adapted into video games seems like a long forgotten footnote in the annals of gamingdom.
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The 7th Guest Box Art

Feature Friday: There’s a bad moon on the rise- the return of the horror game

Video games that specialize in horror themes are nothing new, but real scares and terrifying visuals have been oddly absent from the landscape in the last few years. All that though, might be about to change.
Posted 02 May 2014 | Editorials, Featured Articles, industry, News | 0 Comments
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