SDCC 2014: Activision releases Trap Team shots and screens

Pictures of new figures, screens from the game, and more info about the newest Skylanders title all came out this past week at the SDCC.
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Sunday Review: The BG archive for the week of 7/21/14

Piles of SDCC 2014 news hit the site this week and dominated our headlines with word from Marvel, Dark Horse, and more. If you’re looking for reviews, we published a flood of DVD revs and a look at one of the best games of the year- The Wolf Among Us…

SDCC 2014: Super Smash Brothers tournament

Don’t miss Nintendo‘s Super Smash Brothers tournament at SDCC. It’s currently being streamed live. Bill Trinen was killing it earlier at the Treehouse, using Rosalina like a pro. After finishing up some matches in the Wii U version, a brief break was taken and the 3DS tournament began. The roster…
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Eon's Elite logo Skylanders

SDCC 2014: Activision announces Eon’s Elite Skylanders figures

Classic characters make a comeback and get a massive boost in power as a part of the Eon’s Elite series.
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Wooden Sen'Sey

Blaster Master arrives in the Nintendo Download

This week’s Nintendo Download brings original titles like Siesta Fiesta and Wooden Sen’Sey, as well as a classic and fan favorite of many with Blaster Master.
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Bravely Second scans

Good news for Bravely Default fans out there, Agnes Oblige returns, as well as some jobs from the previous game. You can see Magnolia Arch in the left side of the scan, donning outfits from jobs like red mage, valkyrie, performer and time mage. The scan simply describes her as…
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SSB Logo_White_copy

SDCC 2014: The Nintendo Gaming Lounge returns

Nintendo is bringing its Gaming Lounge back to the big show in SD, complete with plenty of games to play, Amiibo figures to preview, and a 3DS recharging station so you can snag more streetpasses on the go.
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Sunday Review: The BG archive for the week of 7/14/14

Ramping up to SDCC this coming week, there was plenty of comic book news to be had- and plenty of gaming bits too as the industry continues to put on a show for the mega-con.

Get to the choppa, it’s the Nintendo Download

Helicopter action takes center stage in this week’s Nintendo Download with Strike Force Foxx.
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Robin, Captain Falcon, and Lucina all join Super Smash Brothers

Well now, this is a surprise. For the first time ever, Fire Emblem gets four, count em four representatives. Not only that, but everyone’s favorite captain is back in the game. The reveal trailer starts out showing Lucina fighting Captain Falcon, though she appears to be having a bit of…
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super smash bros 3ds wii u

SDCC 2014: Nintendo to host Super Smash Bros 3DS tourney

The swanky Nintendo lounge will be the site of the newest showcase for Super Smash Bros on the 3DS, and Nintendo is looking for a few good players.
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Rayman trophy to appear in Super Smash Bros

In the latest update for the Super Smash Brothers official site, Rayman shows up as a trophy. What could this possibly mean for Super Smash Bros? I wouldn’t have believed it if someone simply told me, but a major Ubisoft character has appeared in the form of a trophy via…
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Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 7/7/14

It might be a dead season for game releases (hi Summer!), but there was still plenty to talk about this past week including plenty of SDCC chatter, our preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a special feature where our own Troy took a look at EA and the mobile gaming…

New Super Smash Bros reveal announced for July 14th

Nintendo has said that there will be a new character reveal for Super Smash Bros Monday, July 14th, 7:00 AM. So who could this character possibly be? If Nintendo is making an announcement for it, and live-streaming the reveal, then it’s probably a rather popular character, one that many fans…
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One Piece, classic NES baseball and more on this week’s Nintendo Download

Fans of anime pirates and Bases Loaded should be happy with this week’s offerings on the eShop.
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Super Smash Bros pic of the day is both nostalgic and patriotic

The pic of the day evokes a feeling of nostalgia, revealing a Mario Golf alt┬ácostume and Samus’s light suit from Metroid Prime 2. It’s obvious that Sakurai wanted this pic of the day to coincide with July 4th, the stars and stripes on Mario are a dead giveaway. That said,…
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