SDCC 2014 The Walking Dead season 5 trailer released. may contain spoilers

Finally. The trailer AMC has been promising, The Walking Dead season 5 has been revealed, and what an exciting 3 minutes that was!!

May contain spoilers to those who have yet to watch the trailer!!!! Be warned, and read at your own risk.




We see the leader Gareth of terminus confront and bad ass Rick and the gang, discussing the trip to Washington to get the cure, then vast snapshots of uber walker killings, creepy night time scenes, intense moments and those little snippets that leave you wanting more.

For me the relief of seeing baby Judith at terminus was the ultimate happy spoiler, and for fans of Beth…. You’ll enjoy the little clip after the credits.

Coming back to screens in the States October 12th. Season 5 looks to be making up for everything fans were lacking in season 4.

Here’s the trailer. :D

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